About us


Our company

The new name in houseware is SOWDEN, a signature brand from Milan based designer George Sowden. He is using his experience, of more than three decades in this market, to develop a collection that meets a growing demand for innovative products for the 21st century. A combination of new technology with the age-old appeal of porcelainand a respect for function and simplicity are the driving forces behind the SOWDEN brand.


The Studio

Founded in 1981 by George J Sowden, the SOWDEN brand headquarters and its conceptual and creative engine are within the SowdenDesign studio in Milan, Italy. Creativity and conceptually innovative designs by the Studio have been consistently at the forefront of emerging technology. SowdenDesign is recognised as one of the leaders of product design, with international awards and a unique story as pioneers in the post-modern design movement.



Sowden at Home Ltd.

117 Farringdon Road

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